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DENNY BIXBY                JOYRIDE

Copyright 2016 Denny Bixby

Released: Feb 2017

1. Devilís Touch
2. Break Your Heart
3. Hippie Girl
4. Thatís the Way It Goes
5. Bad Day
6. Joyride
7. Half a Mind
8. Portland Blues
9. Adventures of the Blue Moon Orchestra

  1. Yogini Samba
  2. Owen Baby 
  3. L.B.J  (for Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, & James Jamerson)
  4. For Emily 
  5. Mr. Oily
  6. Calling All Cars
  7. Liquid
  8. Annieís Dance 
  9. Hooked On Phonk 
  10. Saturday

2002 Brookside Records

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Written, produced, & arranged: Denny Bixby
for Brosisco Productions

Drums: Tim Horsley, Carlton Jackson (tracks 1,2, & 10)
Keyboards: Michael Rojas
Guitar: John Zocco, Pat Bergeson (track9), DB(track 10)
Tenor sax: Jim Hoke
Alto sax: Randy Leago, Jim Hoke (tracks 3 & 9)
Bass clarinet, soprano sax, flute: Randy Leago
Trumpet: Jim Herman
Percussion: Waldo LaTowsky, Joaquin Pneumonia (track1), Jim Roberts (track 3)
Bass: DB (additional keyboards tracks 2 & 7)

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